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Welcome to Pulping Fictions. This is a community for fanfic writers who also write original material, set up to provide the same level of feedback on original work that they enjoy with fanfic.

How this community works:

This is a private community – that means that only members can read the posts and post here, and it’s strictly invite only.

If you’ve been invited, it means that we like your writing, we know you write original material or would like to, and we think you leave insightful and well-thought out reviews – and are, in short, exactly the kind of person we’d like taking part.

You join in the normal way (click on the join this community icon), but have to be approved before you can post – please give us a few days, or leave a comment on our LJs to let us know you’ve done it.

Once you have been approved, you can post at will. Post fragments of writing you’d like feedback on, any issues you may be having, writing questions you’d like to discuss with other members – anything you like (er, that pertains to writing ;) ).

We’ll also be hosting mini writing challenges and exercises periodically to flex those writing muscles, and suggestions for what you’d like those to be are most welcome.

The posting format for stories or extracts of stories should be familiar to you all:

Word Count:
Author’s Note:

All ratings are acceptable, but please give proper warnings for anything rated R or NC-17 (violence, sex, excessive strong or bad language).

In your author’s note, feel free to include some context for what you’ve written, or a note about what, specifically, you’d like feedback on.

And if you’re posting something more than drabble-length, please put it under a cut.

Please try and give other members the kind of feedback on their work that you would like to get yourself – be polite, and be honest.

Copyright Issues:

You are responsible for your own copyright. You may post things here that you would like to try and get published elsewhere, but you do so entirely at your own risk.

If you are concerned about copyright protection, a cheap and easy way to protect your work is to print it out, stick it in an envelope and post it to yourself before posting it here. Then when it arrives, don’t open it, and you’ll always have date-stamped and irrefutable proof that you are the author.

That said, if we get the slightest scintilla of a sniff that anybody from this community is even thinking about stealing another member’s work, we will kick your asses.

Information For Members:

If you edit your posts, this (unavoidably) overrides the security settings and your post becomes public – so don’t do it.